Your Leaders

The Couple

144-2God brought Darin and Sandra Dillon together seven years ago when they were introduced over breakfast.  They knew immediately that they would be friends. Friendship eventually turned to a lifelong commitment when they married nearly 5 years ago.  With God at the center of their lives and marriage, their mission focuses on modeling God’s love through and by serving each other, their family, their friends and those they meet along their journey.  Their love for God and others is reflected in their marriage mission:

  • Spending time loving, listening, encouraging, supporting and guiding others
  • Using their spiritual gifts to help others and to glorify God
  • Serving in mission fields locally, nationally and internationally
  • Modeling a healthy and nurturing partnership
  • Making daily decisions that would exemplify Christ working within our lives


144-2 - Copy

Sandra is a Leadership & Life Coach who followed God’s calling to leave her position as Director of Corporate Development in the chemical industry to pursue her M.A. in Human Services Counseling, Life Coaching.  As a chemical engineer with an MBA, she draws on 35 years of business experience to lead this ministry.

She has organized and led teams into the mission fields in Kenya, Haiti, and Central America to coach on business-as-mission, drill water wells, teach hygiene, and install water filtration. Domestically, Sandra partners with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) to teach, encourage, and equip prisoners with business and relationship skills both in and outside the prison.  She also designs and leads life skill workshops for young adults to help them successfully transition to adult independence. While leading the premarital ministry at her church, Sandra and her husband are marriage mentors to recently engaged couples.


D--62With a B.S. in Organizational Development and a M.A. in Security Management, Darin has over 30 years of experience in the electronic security and integrated systems industry.  As New Business Manager for a privately held integrator, he has a passion for developing long-term customer partnerships.  People are his passion.

When not providing solutions to his Fortune 1000 customers, Darin also leads teams into the mission fields on a yearly basis.  He has a heart for young adults and has worked with the church high school and college ministries.  Darin joins his wife, Sandra, in prison to pour into men, who are committed to turn their lives around and become proud leaders of their families and communities.  Together Darin and Sandra mentor premarital and married couples who are choosing to strengthen their marriage.



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