Ways You Can Help

Strong marriages are the bedrock on which healthy family legacies and communities are built, and yet marriages across the world are in crisis with many struggling at best. We invite you to write yourself into the story of strengthening marriages locally and across the globe by financially and prayerfully supporting our mission work.

Our focus is to provide individuals and couples with insights and tools to grow closer and go deeper into their relationships. We travel to Latin America, South America, Asia, and Africa, where we host marriage conferences, mentor couples, and conduct train-the-trainer sessions. Your generous donations help fund these short-term mission trips that take us into high schools, churches, and community centers.

We require support to purchase books, marriage materials, and pay for online couple surveys as well as transportation, meals, and lodging to travel to countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia, and Bhutan. Americans are blessed to have access to relationship and financial help to learn how to be better husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers.

If you have a great marriage or know how to steward your money, you know the richness of these blessings. You can encourage others by supporting the global outreach of Shine Crossings. Help bring relationship and financial coaching into communities without access.

Ways to Share

Shine Crossings Ministry can accept donations through PayPal or Zelle using and checks made payable to Shine Crossings Ministry. If you want to mail a check, reach out to for our mailing address.