Gospel Conversations Made Easier

Where are my Christian brothers and sisters? I pray that you enjoyed celebrating Easter—your gift of Salvation from our brother, Jesus, when he rose from the grave on the third day after his slaughter as the sacrificial lamb for our everlasting life. Our Christianity, a faith that embraces diversity and inclusion, invites everyone to believe. No one is excluded from the gift of grace. Now that is Good News worth talking about. So, brothers and sisters, when was the last time you shared the Gospel with an unbeliever?

I know, having a Gospel conversation can be uncomfortable, especially when you haven’t done it or it’s been awhile. Feeling a bit unpracticed? Feeling unskilled? You are absolutely equipped where you stand, because you are a Christian. Remember that you’re not responsible for bringing people to Christ, because that’s God’s job, but you are responsible for having the conversation and letting the Holy Spirit do His work.

I have a suggestion on how to have easier Gospel conversations. Be inviting and open so people will share their own personal struggles. You don’t have to have walked in their shoes, but you can share how the Gospel has changed your life as a way to connect. 

Start with a response with “Can I share with you something that helped me when I struggled?” Most people will give their permission. If paper and pen are available, use them, because pictures always help. If not, do the best you can to tell the story.  The conversation unfolds around 3 circles connected by 3 arrows.

Make the story your own but include the following points:

  1. God has a design (circle) for your life to bring all good things for you
  2. Sin (arrow) was created and takes us to our
  3. Brokenness (circle) which can manifest in addiction, anger, broken relationships, and despair
  4. When we repent and believe (arrow) in Jesus as our personal savior we live out
  5. The Gospel (circle) which allows us to
  6. Recover and pursue (arrow) all the God has for our lives and allows us to live out God’s Design.

Use your own testimony that follows this simple full circle process. Think through and practice your own testimony that brings the 3-circle methodology to life.

You can wrap the conversation with questions with “Is there anything that would prevent you from repenting and believing in Jesus as your personal savior right now?” Be prepared to lead them in the words to invite Christ into their heart. If they aren’t ready to make the commitment, let them know you are always open for another conversation.

Good luck and don’t be afraid. The Holy Spirit is with you.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach with an extensive background in premarital/marriage, finances, ministry, and leadership. She coaches individuals and couples to find their purpose, be the heroes of their own life stories, and help them be a shining light in this spiritually dark world. You can learn more about Sandra or engage her as you coach by reaching out to her at shinecrossings@gmail.com

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