How Well Do You Steward God’s Money?

Part 2 of 3-Part Series

In God’s Money, Whose Money Is It? the case was made that all money is God’s money. If true, you don’t own money and possessions; instead, you have full responsibility for their stewardship. What grade would you give your money stewardship? How satisfied are you with your money decisions and behaviors?

Ask God what He would have you do with your money and possessions.

Stewarding God’s money is a life-calling and managing it requires intentional and prayerful daily decisions and actions. If you’re looking for some help, identify those areas you’re doing well and those that could use some improvement. Grade your agreement with the following questions on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as highly disagree and 10 as highly agree.

  • My personal value and self-worth/identity increases with the more money I make or have.
  • When I think about prosperity, I think of money.
  • I enjoy showing off the things that I have.
  • I worry and have anxiety about having enough money.
  • I feel that I don’t have enough money.
  • I consider myself an independent person.

The higher your score in these first 6 questions, the more risk you have that your mindset is not aligned with God’s. Continue with these next 6 questions using the same grade scale.

  • I have learned to live on what I make. I am debt free.
  • I am comfortable living on less so that others could have more.
  • I give when the receiver has no ability to repay me in any way.
  • I share the Gospel when I give of my money. I tie my giving with the blessing of the Good News.
  • I prayerfully seek God’s counsel in how to serve and give of my resources
  • I walk in my God-give purpose

Materialism is money-centered, not God-centered. It loves things and uses people.

The higher your score in this second set of “behavior” questions, the more likely you’ll be aligned with storing treasures in heaven and not earth. Kingdom currency is the only currency in heaven: not US dollars, Euros, or Bitcoin. Downsizing your earthly Kingdom is required to upsize the eternal Kingdom. Those who steward God’s money well are those who can live on nothing as well as everything.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach with an extensive background in premarital/marriage, finances, ministry, and leadership. She coaches individuals and couples to find their purpose, be the heroes of their own life stories, and help them be a shining light in this spiritually dark world. You can learn more about Sandra or engage her as you coach by reaching out to her at

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