Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

limor-zellermayer-qHYC8ajXLB0-unsplashToday is Father’s Day: the perfect time to reflect on why a daughter needs a dad. I didn’t have a dad in my life from 6 to 12 years of age. My stepdad came onto the family scene when I was 13 and played the role of dad during my teenage years. As a single man with no children of his own, he did the best he could as a father figure. I’m grateful for the love and kindness she showed my brother and me through our formative years.

Sons and daughters need and learn different things from each biological parent. A daughter needs a dad to …

  • give her hugs and kisses
  • provide a safe home
  • help her to learn from her mistakes
  • teach her to believe that she deserves to be treated well
  • teach her to make wise decisions
  • tell her truthfully that is she is beautiful inside and out
  • protect her from the boogie man
  • be a soft place to land
  • make her feel that she is unconditionally loved
  • teach her the standard by which she should judge men
  • teach her values and the importance of family
  • be one of her heroes
  • protect her when she’s not wise enough yet to protect herself
  • help her take risks so she can build self-confidence while not saving her from the consequences of her own decisions
  • teach her the difference between selfish and selfless
  • prepare her for hardships of life [no one gets a struggle-free life]
  • create a positive legacy for her family and the generations to come
  • show her that a man’s strength is in the kindness of his heart and not the anger in his voice
  • give her gentle pushes to help her grow
  • provide guidance when she has to resolve her own troubles
  • teach her the joy of serving others
  • calm her when she is stressed by her challenges
  • teach her how things work and show her how to fix things for herself
  • teach her to experiment and challenge her own assumptions
  • tell her what she needs to know about boys and how to recognize a gentleman
  • stand with her on her wedding day
  • model a good husband and father

If you’re a daughter, which handful of needs do you cherish the most in a dad? Would you add any to the list? As I look back on my life, the three needs I wanted fulfilled were:

  • teach her the standard by which she should judge men
  • a soft place to land
  • be one of her heroes

One of my favorite sayings: “No one gets a struggle-free life.” Although I didn’t have the ideal daddy-daughter relationship, I hope that any father reading this will pause, reflect, and choose to try and fulfill these needs in his daughter’s life. It’s never too late to start.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a marriage coach along with her husband, Darin, who help couples across the world via seminars, workshops, and private sessions. She customizes a relationship journey tailored based on curriculums from their own content, Prepare & Enrich, SYMBIS, FOCCUS, and Marriage on the Rock. Couples design their marriage, learn tools, and then work toward achieving their vision. Learn more about the ministry or sign up for a session by contacting Sandra at shinecrossings@gmail.com


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