Kenya Mission: Invest in Marriages and Change Family Legacies



You Can Help Marriages Thrive

A strong marriage has an everlasting impact on the couple, their children, and family legacy. Healthy marriages also help community, because strong couples will mentor other couples. One strong marriage can exponentially change lives. Would you partner with us to grow strong marriages in under-served areas of the world?

How Your Investment Will Be Sown in the Marriage Field

As marriage coaches, we will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to conduct half-day marriage seminars in local communities and train-the-trainer programs for selected couples who will then become mentors to premarital and married couples. We had the privilege of taking James Odhiambo and Faith Chege through a premarital journey and invested in their training to become SYMBIS facilitators. They will be the hands and feet on the ground serving as in-country facilitators and leaders of the marriage mentors. Our trip to Nairobi launches God’s Marriage Vision 2020—an initiative to bring sustainable enrichment to marriages across the globe.



Marriage Hot Topics

We want everyone to be empowered with self-awareness, perspective, and tools, so they can choose to create a successful relationship. Aren’t you excited to be a part of this vision? We will let local marriage leaders take these tools and shape them for their communities. The marriage conference will cover:

  1. God’s Design for Marriage
  2. God’s Laws of Marriage
  3. Family/Marriage Leadership
  4. Gender Differences
  5. Hot Topics: Needs, Love, Respect
  6. Skills: Communication & Conflict Resolution
  7. Vision & Mission
  8. Prayer and the Bullet Proof Marriage

Married couples will be trained in how to effectively mentor other premarital and married couples using the SYMBIS curriculum and report structure. SYMBIS will also be supplemented with information and strategies on how to navigate the common challenges such as trust, sex, and finances that unravel many marriages. Blended families will also be a special topic since over half of marriages involved stepchildren.

How You Can Put Tools in the Hands of Every Couple

Our nearly 2 weeks of travel will have us engaged in various ministries within surrounding Nairobi. We will return to the first church we visited in October 2013, now called International Christian Center Woodlands Rongai, as well as Life Changing Sanctuary, and Antioch Bible Community Churches.

We’re asking for prayers and financial support for travel, training, and the on-going mentoring program. SYMBIS survey prices, which seem reasonable in U.S. terms, can be astronomical for a couple who earns $150 per month. Facilitator training is $200, and the surveys are $35 per couple. We’re creating a World Changers on Mission Fund, and asking our friends, family, and supporters to contribute toward couples’ SYMBIS reports, reference books, and expenses to cover the train-the-trainer.


4ad8b01c-ee37-4e2e-9c08-894d7cc91437You can play a role in developing a healthy family legacy and break generational curses. Here’s no greater return on investment than to see a person or family flourish and become servant leaders in their communities. No amount is too small. You can give through several options:

  1. Donate via PayPal using email: Sandra Dillon is the name associated with the account.
  2. Donate via Zell to
  3. Venmo money to Sandra-Dillon-4
  4. Mail check written out to Shine Crossings. Text me (281.793.3741) and I will provide the mailing address.

World Changers on Mission is not yet a 501c3, so all donations are a true gift. We will honor our donors’ gifts with accountability and transparency. Please note any restrictions or preferences such as:

  1. Unrestricted: use wherever needed most
  2. Use for couples’ surveys, training, and materials
  3. Use to defer expenses for your trip such as airfare, hotel, security, and in-country transportation
  4. Sponsor a mentoree couple with a SYMBIS report

All donations will be acknowledged. If you provide your email, you will be included on blogs, news, and updates so you can see the workings of your investment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sandra Dillon at 281.793.3741 or

Darin and Sandra Dillon are premarital and marriage coaches and the co-founders of Shine Crossings Ministry. When they’re not investing in marriages across the world, you can find them serving in prison with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), Ephesians 521, and Empowering Women of Purpose (EWOP). Their calling focuses on developmental mission—helping people help themselves. They are also called to organize short-trip mission trips for teams to drill water wells in Central America with Living Water International (LWI).

10 Questions to Build Greater Intimacy

brooke-cagle-Y3L_ZQaw9Wo-unsplashThe discipline of asking open-ended questions paired with intentionally listening is a powerful gift in building intimacy. Intimacy is built first on a foundation of trust and then a belief that your partner truly knows you. You may have the trust part down but struggle with how to build greater connection. If you want to learn more about your partner and what makes him or her tick, you need to ask lots of questions.

suzana-sousa-IC1_YWQn6so-unsplashMany people are not gifted in the art of formulating and asking questions, so let me offer 10 questions that will help you know your partner at a deeper level. Each question should also be followed with asking, “Why?”

  1. What was the happiest moment of your adult life?
  2. Who has been the most important person in your life?
  3. If you had a crystal ball, what one thing would you want to know about your future?
  4. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?
  5. You’ve just won $1 million in the lottery; describe what tomorrow looks like? How would your answer differ if your winnings were $10 million?
  6. What’s on your bucket list? What have you scratched off your bucket list because you’ve done it?
  7. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, whom would you choose?
  8. Describe what love looks like in action.
  9. How would you describe yourself to a stranger in one, two, and three words?
  10. What are your non-negotiables or must-haves in a forever relationship?
  11. Bonus [for the older readers]: If you had a CB radio, what would your handle be?

The list of intimacy-building questions is endless. If you liked these 10 questions, think of 10 more. Then ask your partner to answer them. I’d love to know your favorite question from either the list or one that you’ve thought of yourself. And don’t forget to tell me why it’s your favorite. You can comment below or email me.


About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional coach with an extensive background in premarital/marriage, finances, ministry, and leadership. She coaches individuals and couples to be the best versions of themselves. You can contact Sandra at