What’s Your Favorite Marriage Tradition?

Sandra Dillon: November 26, 2017

How-To-Plan-A-Successful-Couples-Road-TripWhen asked, “What is your most important relationship?” many spouses respond, “My marriage.” When husband and wife agree and act consistently on that answer, I would expect them to have a solid foundation upon which to build a happy marriage.  The second question, “How are you investing in your marriage to strengthen it?” does leave some spouses wondering how to answer.  If you paused to think about your answer, you’re not alone.

Your pause doesn’t mean that you’re not investing in your marriage but perhaps signals that you’re not as intentional as you could be. If you asked my husband or me the latter question, we would answer, “Our annual Thanksgiving road trip!” With our children grown, we decided that Thanksgiving week would be reserved for our marriage strengthening.  No other family—just us!  Mapping out an itinerary taking us thousands of miles across several states, we start from home base or fly into a new city and drive in a big loop to eventually return home on Sunday following Turkey Day.

Our family knows that Thanksgiving week is reserved for strengthening our marriage with the Christmas holiday our designated time to spend with family and friends.  If road-tripping around the country during Thanksgiving week is not your ideal adventure, I would encourage you to get creative and think of a tradition or two that speaks to your likes.  If you currently have a tradition or think of one that excites you, please leave a comment.  You may inspire other couples.

About the Author: Sandra Dillon is a professional leadership coach with an extensive background in premarital and marriage coaching, education, and mentoring. She coaches individuals, and couples, as well as facilitates relationship workshops.  She has a passion to help people experience outstanding marriages and relationships.  You can learn more about Sandra by visiting her website www.shinecrossings.com